Pottery Jo

To PotteryJo a plate is not just a plate. It symbolises the fulfilment of many of our basic needs; for food, company, love – and even life itself. Our vision is to elevate this experience further. With a background in art, fashion and textile, we strive to fusion all of these disciplines into a creative concept for the table – something that we ourselves couldn’t find. PotteryJo started a pottery business in Sweden in 2011 by producing a single line of tableware. The design was based on a historical pattern, found in the archives of a 100-year old factory, to which we added a personal twist. Demand for our products was instant and inspired us to continue. Today, there are five series of our tableware in production, based on our own designs. The production takes place in Portugal, a country with a strong tradition of producing pottery. Great attention is placed not only on creating timeless and beautiful pieces, but also to do this in an environmentally friendly way. Common for all our designs is that they contribute to making every meal a little bit more beautiful. Food is art – and should be appreciated as such.