About Avoi

My name is Liza Henckel and a swedish native, now living in Spain with my husband, two children, 2 cats and 1 pony!

For me, interior design is the same as a feeling. It can be a feeling of well-being, of balance, of curiosity or of happiness. With the help of interior design items, details and with the right feeling you can transform your house into your home.

The idea of working with interior design details and homestyling has always been with me, since I was a little girl fixing our home. I would rearrange things in the house after school which sometimes created frustration for my parents who didn't share my passion for interior design and decor.

I have spent many years of my adult life working as a manager in various positions, jobs that had absolutely nothing to do with interior design. I have enjoyed all of these positions, I have grown as a person and met many interesting people - I wouldn't undo anything!

In 2015 I lost my mother when on holiday in France and I started re-evaluate my life. Realizing that life is short, I decided that it was time to take a leap and open my own business working with interior design. I left my job and in September 2017, I opened my little shop on Kullagatan in Helsingborg, southern Sweden and the rest is history.... I named my company "Avoi" - which means "to you" in italian.

In 2020, we as a family decided to move to Spain and we live in a lovely place called La Mairena, east of Marbella. This is the place we now call home and this is where you also find Avoi.

Welcome to my world and my little shop with selected scandinavian interior design details.

All the best,

Liza Henckel